Fansons Mart is the leading grocery delivery service that allows you to shop from your favourite supermarkets and speciality shops via our Android and iOS application. Save your time and let us do the grocery shopping for you instead of getting stuck in traffic or a long queue when you go to the supermarket. Our professionally trained personal shoppers take care of that for you. The products are freshly handpicked. You receive the best quality items which are then delivered at your convenient time, so that you can spend your time doing the things that matter most.

Fansons Berhad (1453476-A) was officially set up on 3rd March 2022 under the Companies Act 2016 Malaysia. It aims to help Malaysians surmount the challenges of the global pandemic.

Although Covid-19 has disrupted the whole world, history teaches us that tough times often makes us stronger. We go back to the roots because when the whole world is turned upside down, essential products are still needed in households daily. The impact however has pushed the industry to innovate and adapt to the “new normal” and that’s where Fansons Mart strives to fill in the market gaps and serve consumers.

Our unique positioning stems from the fact that while servicing the needs of everyday consumers, we aim to reduce the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic and emphasise on social distancing as a way of life at work. We envision to provide professional same delivery to your doorstep, every day from 10.30 am to 9 pm, within the Klang Valley. This is in line with the initiatives to grow the economy, to support the population and with the support of the Malaysian government as one nation, one vision.

For every community, there's a Fansons mart

Our Value

Our commitment to provide #FreshlyHandpicked groceries stretches far beyond the fingertips. Our Personal Shoppers and Riders are trained to pick out your groceries, so that you can remain comfortable at home and the best thing is we Deliver to Your Doorstep without you having to get out of the house.

Our Vision

To reinforce our brand image as one of Malaysia’s market leaders in the e-retail groceries sector. We aim to fulfil our customer’s needs by providing a wide range of daily use products in our concept mini markets by working together with our suppliers.

Our Mission

To Be Malaysia Top Apps Grocery